Stop the propaganda for war criminal Karadzic on the Munich concert stage!
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Concert starring Emir-Nemanja Kusturica with the "No Smoking Orchestra” on 24.01.2009
Stop the propaganda for war criminal Karadzic on the Munich concert stage!
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Göttingen/Munich, 23. Januar 2009

Open Letter

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV) I should like to draw your attention to the concert of the Serb musician and film regisseur Emir-Nemanja Kusturica and his music group "The No Smoking Orchestra” (previously "Zabrenjo pusenje”) and file a charge.
We should like to point out that Kusturica appears at international concerts and uses these to systematically trivialize and deny the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and glorify the chief war criminal Radovan Karadzic.
It is generally known that Radovan Karadzic is in custody at The Hague on the charge of genocide in the Bosnian war (1992-1995) and that he has to stand trial there before the International War Crimes Tribunal.
Apart from decisively taking the part of Karadzic Kusturica evidently plans tomorrow, 24.01.2009, at the Muffatwerk (Zellstr. 4) in Munich with his leading number to bring the song "Wanted Man” (see Appendix), which is an ode to the war criminal. In it Karadzic is named by the affectionate form of his alias Dr. Dragan Dabic, Dabic Raso and foul-mouthed curses are heaped on anyone who does not like him.
We should like in this connection to point out that charges of the Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV)  and close cooperation with the Federal Criminal Police Office have led to the arrest and sentencing of Serb genocide criminals. Dusko Tadic was sentenced by the International War Crimes Tribunal (ICTY) to 18 years imprisonment for involvement in mass murders in the concentration camps of Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje. Nikola Jorgic was sentenced to life-long imprisonment for the murder of Moslem civilians in the Doboj region by the Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf.
We direct to you the earnest request to make sure that competent observers are present and that appropriate measures are taken.
There can be no question of genocide being glamourised in Germany and of propaganda being made for war criminals and thus hatred stirred up against the Bosnian victims. The bombardment of Sarajevo, the massacre of Srebrenica and the existence of concentration and rape camps in Bosnia have been treated extensively in the media for many years in Germany and Europe and these crimes are today common knowledge throughout the world. In the appendix you will find an overview of the genocide committed in Bosnia.
We trust that you will understand our passing this charge on to the media and thank you for your attention in this matter.
Yours Truly,

Tilman Zülch

President of the GfbV-International (Tel. 0150 153 09 888)

P.S. It is unbelievable that Emir Kusturica is still Serbia’s UNICEF ambassador.
"Wanted Man" by E. Kusturica & No smoking Orchestra
If I was a pigeon
You made me a falcon
Now I am a falcon
Over hills of Balkan
And when I find myself
Locked in prison
Mother Mary comes to me
Oh Mother Mary, Who will be
Wanted Man instead of me
If you don´t like Dabic Raso*
You can suck our dicks
*Dr. Dragan Dabic alias Radovan Karadzic practised for many years as a doctor for alternative medicine in Belgrade before he was arrested in July 2008 and delivered to the International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague (ICTY).
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