Arctic Peoples

- Worldwide -

The term Arctic Peoples refers to peoples in Siberia as well as to ethnic groups in the US, Canada and Northern Europe.

Chukchi, Chuvans, Dolgans, Enets, Evens, Evenks, Itelmen, Jakuts, Karagassi, Karelians, Kets, Khanty, Koryaks, Mansi, Nanai, Negidals, Nganasans, Nenets, Nivkh, Oroch, Oroks, Selkups, Ulchi, Udege, and Yukaghir live mainly in Siberia.

In the US, Canada, and Northern Europe, there are the Aleuts, Gwich’in, Inuit, Sámi, Yup’ik, and the Athabaskan/Dene.

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Header photo: Neil Moralee via Flickr