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The Copts belong to the Christian minority in Egypt: Ten percent of the 92 million inhabitants of the country are Copts. Nevertheless, the Christian peoples’ fear of terrorist attacks by radical Islamists in Egypt is growing. The Copts are often discriminated against in everyday life, and many of them are currently thinking about leaving their home country forever – which would be a great loss with regard to a peaceful coexistence of the different cultures and religious groups in the region, as Egypt is considered to be the center of Christianity in the Middle East.

In January 2017, five Copts were murdered under unclear circumstances within two weeks. As a result, the Copts are losing confidence in the judiciary, as many criminal offenses go unpunished – often despite numerous eyewitness accounts. In other Arab states, the Copts are suffering from attacks, executions, and repression, and many Copts are living in constant fear for life and limb.

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Header photo: Andrea Moroni via Flickr