Prominent voices

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) has been working for persecuted and threatened ethnic and religious minorities, nationalities and indigenous communities for almost 50 years. In that time, there were several celebrities who expressed their appreciation for our work. A selection of the statements can be found here.

Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize winner 1989

"The key to creating a better and more peaceful world is the development of love and compassion for others. Naturally, this means that we must develop concern for our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than we are. In this respect, the non-governmental organizations have a key role to play. Not only do they create awareness for the need to respect the rights of all human beings, but they also give the victims of human rights violations hope for a better future."

Sabine Christiansen, TV presenter, Journalist and German UNICEF Ambassador

"The Society for Threatened Peoples has focused on the goal of pointing out human rights violations and of informing the public about who disregards human rights. It is our common obligation to support this – for more tolerance, solidarity and, thus, for more peace."

Joschka Fischer, Former German Foreign Minister

"The Society for Threatened Peoples is one of Germany's most prominent human rights organizations. The society's appeals and public reminders might be inconvenient at times, but they are absolutely essential when it comes to protecting peoples and ethnic groups that find no other advocate, often to ensure their survival."

Freya Klier, Civil Rights Activist In The GDR, Director And Publicist

"Over the years, I was glad to observe that the Society for Threatened Peoples manages to remain independent from specific ideologies – thus setting standards for credible human rights work."

Marek Edelman, Commander Of The Jewish Resistance In The Warsaw Ghetto (Died In 2009)

"In my opinion, the Society for Threatened Peoples is very important. At the end of the 20th century – with thousands of people who are threatened by nationalism and chauvinism, with thousands of people who are exposed to death and hunger – their activities encourage the public to take action and to fight injustice. Therefore, everyone should support the STP's activities – morally and financially."

Martin Walser, Author

"The Society for Threatened Peoples is doing what everyone should do, but what most people don't – leaving us embarrassed and, at the same time, glad that the STP exists … and grateful as well."

Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1992, Guatemala

"The Society for Threatened Peoples is able to put pressure on governments that are responsible for the repression and persecution of minorities and indigenous communities. It is important to inform the public about human rights violations, and it can help threatened peoples to survive."

Willy Brandt,Former German Chancellor

"Human rights are to be seen as a political issue of top priority. Occasional protests against unjust systems are not enough. For example, it is very important that organizations such as 'Amnesty International' or the 'Society for Threatened Peoples' are heard, that committed citizens take a stand for this particular goal and for similar ideas, without fear of intimidation or disadvantages – here in the Federal Republic too."

Simon Wiesenthal, Austrian-Jewish Holocaust Survivor, Author 

"Whenever the media report on unjust treatment, threatened peoples, on persecuted individuals or groups in different continents, and whenever I become aware that something must be done to help those who are affected, I immediately think of your organization, the Society for Threatened Peoples [...]. You have achieved a lot over the past two decades, and all of your supporters – myself included – are grateful that you are there. We are thankful for your dedication to help the oppressed, we appreciate your commitment – no matter how serious the problem – and are grateful for your clear words, which are always the right ones. I would like to ask all of you to continue this tradition and keep on working for the benefit of the oppressed and the disadvantaged!"

A complete compilation of prominent statements concerning our human rights work and about Tilman Zülch, the founder and Secretary General of the Society for Threatened Peoples, can be downloaded as a .pdf-file here:

Prominent statements concerning the human rights work of the STP (PDF)