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Many of the topics that we have to deal with in our human rights work are very complex. Usually, a few sentences are not enough to explain the whole background. That is why we offer you here comprehensive information on selected topics. By use of videos, podcasts, which you can listen to or download for free online, and articles, you can find out more about the topics we work on and the current situation of ethnic and religious minorities, nationalities, and indigenous communities.

Myanmar/Burma: Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize under pressure

These days, tens of thousands of people in the capital cities of Southeast Asia are taking part in demonstrations against crimes committed by the Burmese military in Burma (Myanmar) against the Muslim Rohingya minority. Many members of the minority are living in fear of torture, rape, murder, abduction, and arbitrary destruction of their houses.

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Your Human Rights

The recognition of equal rights for all human beings is a basis for freedom, justice, and peace in the world. For this reason, the United Nations agreed on the General Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. But what is the actual meaning of the 30 articles of the General Declaration of Human Rights?

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