4th West Balkans Conference in Trieste (July 12)

An appeal to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel: Prevent a separation of Bosnia – support a fast accession to the EU! (Press Release)

It is necessary to develop and enforce a new constitution that is suitable to prevent an ethnic division and an expulsion of the Bosnian population. Photo: otarikkoc via pixabay

During the West Balkans Conference on Wednesday in Trieste, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel should support a fast accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the EU. On Tuesday, the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) sent an appeal to Merkel, asking her not to remain idle while unjust structures become more established and while corruption and nepotism become even more widespread, leading to a division of the country. “There must be specific measures to bring Bosnia closer to Europe. The country will not be able to take the necessary measures alone, because the leaders of the three largest ethnic groups are unable to find agreements. Please provide help, or Bosnia will disintegrate – and a new war might break out.”

According to the STP, the international community has been watching the activities of ultranationalist politicians and supporters of the Serbian war criminals Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic – who are mocking the EU, denying war crimes, fueling hatred among the population, and trying to divide the country – for far too long. “Now, there must be sanctions for those who are denying the genocide and the crimes against humanity in Bosnia. At the same time, there must be initiatives to come to terms with the past in Serbia, and especially in the Republika Srpska, where the former political leaders are responsible for the genocide of Srebrenica,” the STP demanded.

“Please try to – together with the other EU countries – live up to your leadership role with regard to the West Balkans, and to ensure that Bosnia and Herzegovina will become a democratic and equitable society. To achieve this, it is necessary to develop and enforce a new constitution that is suitable to prevent an ethnic division and an expulsion of the Bosnian population,” the STP demanded in its appeal. Now, 22 years after the end of the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina is an ineffective, divided, and expensive state. The Dayton peace agreement, which the USA, Great Britain, France, Russia, and Germany had imposed on the country, has contributed significantly to this. The vast majority of the alleged war criminals has not yet been punished – and they are leading the Serbian part of the country, the Republika Srpska, until today. “The perpetrators are being rewarded, and the victims are being punished. The president of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, is threatening to initiate a secession. He and his politicians are blocking most of the necessary reforms for an accession to the EU and the NATO, and, thus, also the economic development of Bosnia. The international community cannot accept this. Please help, Mrs. Chancellor!”

Header Photo: otarikkoc via pixabay