Human rights action in front of the Federal Chancellery (May 20): "Red card for Qatar"

Scholz greets the Emir of Qatar

Human rights action in front of the Federal Chancellery: "Red card for Qatar"
on Friday, May 20, starting at 12:30, Willy-Brandt-Straße 1 in 10557 Berlin

"Red card for Qatar!" is the motto of a human rights action in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin on Friday – organized by the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP). On the occasion of the official visit of the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, the human rights organization will display banners, placards, and a small soccer goal with chains wrapped around it – as a symbol of protest against the aggressive foreign policy of the World Cup host country. Further, the human rights organization will appeal to Chancellor Olaf Scholz to use his talks with the state guest to demand an end to the persecution of members of minority groups, as well as a substantial improvement of the situation of the guest workers in the desert state.

"Economic interests must not lead to an uncritical approach to new gas treaties with Qatar – without consideration of the suffering of the victims of Islamist groups, for which the desert state is partly responsible," demanded Tabea Giesecke, STP expert on ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities. Qatar is involved in several conflicts in the Near and Middle East, and in other parts of the world. Also, it uses the international Muslim Brotherhood (the leaders of which are located in Qatar) to finance dangerous Islamist organizations such as Al Qaeda. These Islamists groups are killing, persecuting, and harassing members of various ethnic and religious minorities such as the Kurds, Christians, Yazidis, Alevis, Mandaeans, and Bahai in the countries of the Middle East, members of the Hazara in Afghanistan, and people of other faith in many other states.


Contact: Tabea Giesecke, STP expert on ethnic and religious minorities. E-mail: t.giesecke@gfbv.de