The Chancellor must campaign for an end to violence against Tibetans!

Riots in Tibet continue – Chancellor Merkel visits China (1st to 3rd of February):

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) urges Chancellor Angela Merkel to campaign for an end to bloodshed and persecutions in Tibet when she visits China next week. "The Chancellor should insist that the government in Beijing will respect China's international obligations to protect the human rights of Tibetans and other minorities," said the STP's expert on questions regarding Asia, Ulrich Delius. "Tibet is threatened by a bloodbath taking place without the rest of the world taking notice. It is not enough to exchange a few polite phrases and to debate about intensifying economic relations." The Chancellor will visit China from the 1st to the 3rd of February, 2012.

At least 11 Tibetans were killed within the last three days during protests against the Chinese government in traditional Tibetan areas in southwestern China and several dozen people were shot and injured by the security forces. Many of the injured don't dare to go to a hospital for fear of being arrested. In the area of Drango (Sichuan Province), Tibetans were arbitrarily imprisoned after protests against the Chinese government. Hotels were closed by order of the authorities and the entire area was cordoned off by security forces – strongly advising the civilians not to leave their homes. Those who dare to go outside must fear to get shot.

Because of the forthcoming anniversary of the Tibetan uprising on 10th of March, the Chinese authorities had already informed the travel agencies last week, that foreigners will not be allowed to visit the "Tibet Autonomous Region" between the 20th of February and 30th of March, 2012. "We expect that the riots will spread even further during the coming weeks – despite the closure of Tibet and Tibetan settlement areas," said Delius. "The international community may not just remain silent when Tibet is burning."

In 2011, the human rights situation in Tibet has become a lot worse. At least 280 Tibetans have been arrested since January 2011 for political reasons. More than 840 political prisoners in Tibet are known by name, the actual number of political prisoners will be much higher. China's authorities have again put severe pressure on Buddhist monasteries in particular. 16 Tibetans burned themselves in the last eleven months because of losing all their hope.