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Saber rattling from Beijing

Europe must defend Hong Kong's freedom (Press Release)

The Chinese Communist Party (CP) is once again trying to undermine the principle of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong by introducing so-called security laws (including, for example, a law that prohibits making fun of China's national anthem) ignoring the fact that Hong Kong's government is formally independent. "As soon as there are any signs of resistance, Beijing threatens with violence," criticized Ulrich Delius, director of the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP). "It would be fatal not to take the threats seriously. It will only be possible to avoid a massive escalation if the Communist Party gets international headwind." According to a Chinese commander, 10,000 soldiers would be ready to enforce the interests of the mainland in the city of Hong Kong.

Recently, the months-long protests against another "security law" that had been passed last year came to a standstill due to the coronavirus. The Chinese leadership has already moved soldiers and military equipment closer to the former British colony. "Because of the new initiative, the protests are flaming up again. A massacre is to be feared if the soldiers are deployed to the city," Delius stated. The human rights activist recalled the bloody crackdown on protests by the democracy movement almost exactly 31 years ago. Back then, hundreds, maybe thousands, of people were killed. Exact numbers are not known until today. Thousands more were arrested across the country.

"In this tense situation, it is particularly important that European politicians acknowledge their responsibility to protect and demand moderation. The CP must be reminded that the international community is watching and will not tolerate an attack on Hong Kong's population – despite China's economic power and despite the coronavirus," Delius emphasized.