UN-Statements im Überblick


Hier können Sie unsere schriftlichen UN-Statements der vergangenen Jahre auf Englisch online lesen oder herunterladen. Seit 2021 dürfen pro Menschenrechtsrats-Sitzung nur noch fünf schriftliche Stellungnahmen eingereicht werden.

Unsere mündlichen Stellungnahmen können teilweise auf der Seite der UN angesehen werden.




A Children’s Emergency: Rohingya war children and children born of war are in urgent need of recognition and support (13.08.2020, PDF)

American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN) receive inadequate health care from US authorities to ward off COVID-19 (03.06.2020, PDF)

Armed conflict and human rights violations in Myanmar (19.08.2020, PDF)

Children born of genocidal rape in the Yazidi and Rohingya communities need to be recognized as victims of conflict in urgent need of support (03.06.2020, PDF)

Crackdown on political activists in Algeria while COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, threatening especially prisoners (04.06.2020, PDF)

Curtailed freedom of expression in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China and adjacent areas where Tibetans live (04.06.2020, PDF)

Escalation of violence in Sudan's West (13.08.2020, PDF)

Freedom of expression denied in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (04.06.2020, PDF)

Human rights denied in Russian occupied Crimea (04.06.2020, PDF)

Human rights denied in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (03.06.2020, PDF)

Human rights situation in Morocco, with special focus on the Hirak prisoners and the Western Sahara activists (03.06.2020, PDF)

Human Rights Situation in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China and adjacent areas where Tibetans live (20.08.2020, PDF)

Human rights violations in Eritrea (03.06.2020, PDF)

Human rights violations in the autonomous community of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Spain (04.06.2020, PDF)

IDP crisis in Nigeria (03.06.2020, PDF)

Indigenous Australians‘ right to religious freedom and territorial integrity severly violated (19.08.2020, PDF)

Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change in the Arctic (03.02.2020, PDF)

Indigenous peoples in the Russian Arctic and consequences of the COVID-19 crisis (03.06.2020, PDF)

Infringement of indigenous rights in Brazil while attention is on COVID-19 crisis (03.06.2020, PDF)

Institutional deprivation of rights and violence against indigenous and afro-descendant people in Nicaragua (03.06.2020, PDF)

Minorities in Pakistan and the threat of extremist ideologies (20.08.2020, PDF)

Multiple crises infringe on indigenous rights in Brazil (19.08.2020, PDF)

Murder of Philippine human rights activist Zara Alvarez (20.08.2020, PDF)

Persecution of Christians: Focus on China, Pakistan and India (04.06.2020, PDF)

Political Unrest and persecution in Ethiopia (19.08.2020, PDF)

Racism against ethnic minorities in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (03.06.2020, PDF)

Roma in danger: Hate speech and antiziganism on the rise in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic (03.06.2020, PDF)

Situation in Russian-occupied Ukrainian Crimea (12.08.2020, PDF)

Situation in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), China (20.08.2020, PDF)

Situation of the indigenous peoples in the Arctic, Siberian and the Far East Regions in the Russian Federation (12.08.2020, PDF)

Situation of the Mapuche community in Chile (13.08.2020, PDF)

Syrian Arab Republic: Alevis and Yazidis in Afrin threatened with extinction (13.08.2020, PDF)

Terrorism leads to human rights crisis in Burkina Faso (04.06.2020, PDF)

The Arab Republic of Egypt: Coptic Christian girls and women need better protection (03.06.2020, PDF)

The human rights situation in North Korea remains dire, as Kim Jong-un reemerges on the political stage (03.06.2020, PDF)

The Republic of Iraq: After flight and expulsion, the Christian population now fears a demographic change (04.06.2020, PDF)

The Republic of Turkey: Dealing with dissenters and minorities (03.06.2020, PDF)

The Republic of Turkey: Dealing with the cultural heritage of the minority groups that used to live on the territory of today's Turks (13.08.2020, PDF)

The situation of IDPs in Nigeria in times of Covid-19 and the deteriorating conflicts in the Middle Belt (12.08.2020, PDF)

Treatment of the religious movement Shincheonji in South Korea (13.08.2020, PDF)

Violence in South Sudan (13.08.2020, PDF)



Attacks on the Shiite Hazara in Afghanistan

Precarious human rights situation in Russian-annexed Crimea

Better protection for people with albinism – action plan must be implemented

Impunity in South Sudan

Turkey must be kept from attacking Afrin

Marginalization of indigenous peoples in Venezuela

Precarious situation of Indigenous peoples in Brazil

No improvements regarding the Human Rights Situation in the Tibet Autonomous Region and adjacent regions where Tibetans live

Coptic Christians are treated as second-class citizens in Egypt

Human Rights Violations against Rohingya must be stopped immediately

Protection of the civilian population in the fight against Boko Haram

South Sudan's civil war and its toll on the civilian population

Situation of journalists in Turkey

No impunity in connection with genocide crimes against Yazidis

More international support needed to improve the situation of people with albinism

Disastrous human rights situation in Burundi

Violence and impunity in Central African Republic

Human Rights Violations and the use of the Anti-Terrorism Law against the Mapuche in Chile

Human Rights Situation in China's Tibet Autonomous Region and adjacent regions where Tibetans live shows no sign of Improvement

The Czech government must ensure a worthy and peaceful place of remembrance for Roma on the premises of the former concentration Lety u Písku

Human Rights Situation in Eritrea

Minoriy rights denied in Ethiopia

Human Rights defenders in Mauritania

Ensuring the rights of all minorities in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

End religious persecution in Pakistan

Sorcery-related violence and killing in Papua New Guinea has to stop

Children and armed conflict in Sudan

Situation of the Yenish, Sinti and Roma communities in Switzerland (submitted by STP Switzerland)

Situation in Northern Syria

End violation of refugees rights in Thailand

Precarious human rights situation in Russian-annexed Crimea

Treaty Rights and the right to religious freedom of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe must be respected

Marginalization of indigenous peoples in Venezuela