“Threatened Refugees”: Support for threatened refugees

Among the refugees who have found shelter in Germany, there are members of several different minority groups. In their home countries, some of them experienced severe violence, were persecuted and discriminated against just because they did not belong to the ethnic or religious majority. For many of them, this is precisely the reason why they fled to us.

However, some of them still don’t feel safe here. Sometimes, unfortunately, there are also problems when refugees of different origins encounter each other in Germany – and the fact that they often live cramped together in refugee homes tends to intensify the difficulties. Thus, refugees can be dangerous for other refugees.

The Society for Threatened Peoples would like to help vulnerable refugees:

Are you a member of an ethnic, religious, or linguistic minority group? Did you experience harassment, threats or discrimination by other refugees in Germany?

If so, contact us: help@gfbv.de

We want to help you to live a life in safety!

We will try to organize advice and support through our trusted partners.

We will assess and document the occurrences (anonymously, if desired) and document them in a human rights report, which is also supposed to help clarify the backgrounds to the conflicts and to make recommendations for a peaceful coexistence of all refugees.

Fr people who are working in the field of refugee assistance, we will gladly provide background information on the specific problems of minority groups.

We have a leaflet for our campaign which you can download here: threatened refugees welcome (pdf)

The Society for Threatened Peoples

is an international human rights organization that has been advocating for threatened religious, ethnic, and linguistic minorities all over the world for almost 50 years, fighting against genocide and expulsion. The STP has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and participatory status with the Council of Europe.