That's what we do

The "Society for Threatened Peoples"


"Human rights organizations such as the Society for Threatened Peoples are the strong arm of the world's conscience and the first elements of the righteousness practiced worldwide." (Yehudi Menuhin, Jewish violinist)


Not turning a blind eye

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) is an international human rights organization that advocates for threatened ethnic and religious minorities, nationalities and indigenous communities. We take sides with the victims of crimes against humanity, and we are not afraid to name the perpetrators and their accomplices. Even if victims become perpetrators themselves, we will not remain silent – because we are committed to our motto of "not turning a blind eye".


A voice for the victims

We are independent – financed only by private donations and membership fees. As a human rights organization, we are in contact with politicians, associations and the media, representing the interests of threatened minorities on all continents. Our efforts have been recognized by the United Nations – and we were granted consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN. Thus, we have the right to address UN bodies and to speak up for various minority groups. Also, we have a participatory status with the Council of Europe.


We put human rights on the agenda

Our aim is to inform the public about the persecution and extermination of minority groups – with press releases and media interviews, with our magazine "Für Vielfalt", via the Internet and social networks, with exhibitions, lectures and public debates. We put pressure on policy makers; we publish human rights reports, documents and memoranda and expert opinions, provide experts, try to win over advocates and demand help for the needy and the persecuted. We are often able to ensure that war crimes are not covered up and that human rights violations cannot be played down.


Against genocide and expulsion

We fight against genocide and displacement, against discrimination and persecution. We publish information about human rights violations and name the perpetrators – which is what many of them fear the most. Even dictators are concerned about their reputation and are reluctant to jeopardise trade relations and alliances with international partners . Sometimes, however, words are just not enough. In these cases, we organize rallies, demonstrations, vigils, international conferences or try to raise awareness with spectacular human rights campaigns.


STP International

The STP Germany is a member of the STP International. Through this network, the STP shows its presence in international organizations such as the United Nations or the Council of Europe, submits opinions on human rights issues and gives representatives of minorities the opportunity to personally address their concerns to the Human Rights Council.