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Would you like to help promote human rights for persecuted ethnic and religious minorities and indigenous peoples?

Whether as a donor or member - with your donation you guarantee the independence that is so important for our human rights work. Your contribution strengthens our base and helps us to uncover and document human rights violations. Together we can strengthen those affected and their organizations, with vigils, demonstrations and events. We can be vocal in the media and, above all, launch political initiatives for those affected.


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How your donation makes an impact


We work directly with affected people and their organizations, uncovering human rights violations and documenting them in reports.



We raise our voices in online media and the press, in Germany and beyond. We organize vigils, demonstrations and rallies, panel discussions, cultural events and seminars. In this way, we inform the German public and offer those affected a platform.



We take political initiatives on behalf of those affected by human rights violations, for example by holding talks with political representatives in Germany and abroad. We accompany victims on trips and at events and advocate for them in the UN Human Rights Council and the Council of Europe.




Transparency at the Society for Threatened Peoples

It goes without saying that we handle donations carefully and make our expenditures transparent. This is certified by the donation seal of the DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues).

We are also a member of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Transparent Civil Society Initiative) and the Forum Menschenrechte (Human Rights Forum).

As a registered non-profit organization, we document and evaluate all donation income and the measures implemented from it in detail. We publish a detailed list of the use of our donation income each year in our annual report. You can find our statutes here (in German).




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