Strong together for minorities and human rights! 


Volunteering is an important part of our organization and human rights work. Together we raise our voice against genocide and displacement, discrimination and persecution. We make human rights violations known and call the perpetrators by name. 

Without the voluntary commitment of many people, our human rights work could not function. Together we organize rallies and vigils, take part in demonstrations, create awareness with human rights actions and are represented at international conferences. Together we reach a broad public and create visibility. 


There are numerous ways you can volunteer.


  • You can get involved with a regional group near you (you can find an overview here) or start a new one. We will of course support you.
  • Also as an individual there are possibilities to get involved with the GfbV. We are looking forward to every new comrade-in-arms. Together or alone you can distribute information material, organize an information booth or a special event. In our online store you will find an overview of the available materials. We will be happy to advise you.
  • Volunteers who are active in the GfbV on a long-term and regular basis can apply for a position in the board or in another committee. 
  • Public relations and lobbying can also be part of the tasks of volunteers. You also have the opportunity to do research on the situation of persecuted minorities. Maybe you already know so much about an area that you can contribute to a blog article or an article in our magazine "Für Vielfalt".


Please note that we usually work in German. However, if you're interested, please approach us!

Just write to us at: machmit@gfbv.de.