Magazine „Für Vielfalt“


Our magazine „Für Vielfalt“ (For Diversity) reports regularly every two months and up-to-date about persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, nationalities as well as indigenous peoples all over the world. There is no comparable medium in the German-speaking world.

The first issue of our magazine appeared in 1970 under the name „pogrom“.

„Für Vielfalt“ gives a voice to victims of human rights violations and calls the perpetrators by name. We present solutions to conflicts and peaceful coexistence that include respect for the identity and way of life of ethnic and religious minorities, and do not shy away from uncomfortable demands.

„Für Vielfalt“ is aimed at politically alert people who are committed to preserving cultural diversity. With us, not only proven experts but also those affected themselves have their say.


You can find all past issues in German here.