Magazine „bedrohte Völker - pogrom“


The STP's magazine „bedrohte Völker - pogrom“ is published regularly every two months, featuring up-to-date information concerning persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, nationalities and indigenous peoples all over the world. In the German-speaking world, there is no similar publication. The first issue of our magazine was published in 1970.

„bedrohte Völker - pogrom“ serves as a voice for the victims of human rights violations and is not afraid to name the perpetrators. We suggest solutions to conflicts and for a peaceful coexistence that respects the identity and lifestyle of ethnic and religious minorities – and we are self-assured enough to make uncomfortable demands.

„bedrohte Völker - pogrom“ is aimed at politically interested people who are committed to the preservation of cultural diversity. We do not only provide a forum for recognized experts, but also for the victims themselves.