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Matter(s) of faith

With beautiful portraits, surprising snapshots and touching scenes of joyful celebrations, we present twelve very different religious communities and indigenous peoples in our new picture calendar. While some are almost unknown, have only a few thousand members or are even threatened with extinction, like the Mandaeans in Iraq, others are experiencing great popularity. The Christian churches in China are an example of this. 

Critical texts on the back pages of the monthly bulletins explain the background and emphasize that faith can be decisive for human action - for good or for bad. It can fuel wars, provide justification for oppression and persecution, or moderate peace. 

Enjoy the large-format images in our 2024 calendar and learn more about the faith and human rights situation of the Yarsan/Kakai in Kurdistan, Jews from Ethiopia, First Nations in Canada, Yezidis in the Middle East, Dani/Hubula in West Papua, Rohingya in Myanmar, Mandaeans in Iraq, the Santeria community in Cuba, indigenous peoples of the Andes, the Brokpa in Ladakh/India, Tuwa in Russia and Christians in China.


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Format 44 x 32 centimeters
Front pages: 13 large-format color pictures
Back pages: Images and texts on the topic
ISBN 978-3-922197-91-1

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Photo: Berengere Cavalier - alamy/agefotostock
Photo: JENNYVAUGHAN/AFP via Getty Images
Photo: Picture Alliance/REUTERS/Amber Bracken
Photo: Kamal Sido
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Photo: picture alliance/dpa/TASS - Kirill Kukhmar
Photo: picture alliance / REUTERS / JEFF XU