Where is the voice of Germany, guarantor power for peace in Sudan?

Sudan violates peace treaties.

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) insistently criticizes the fact that Germany has so far remained silent about the grave violations of the peace agreement between North and South Sudan. Thousands of people were forced to flee, when Northern Sudanese troops invaded the resource-rich region of Abyei last weekend. "Being guarantor power of the comprehensive peace agreement between North and South Sudan (of January 2005), Germany should not simply accept this occupation", the STP's expert on questions regarding Africa, Ulrich Delius, stated in Göttingen on Monday. "The Federal Government must insist that the troops retreat immediately and allow the refugees to return home."

"This time, Germany cannot hide behind the US and France as in the dispute over Libya", says Delius. The UN-Ambassadors of France and the US – who are currently residing in East Africa – had already called for an immediate withdrawal of the invading Northern Sudanese troops in Abyei on Sunday. "But where is the voice of Germany? As a member of the Security Council, Germany is obliged to condemn this violation of the peace agreement," the human rights-activist states. "If the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guido Westerwelle, wants to remain credible, he must meet his commitments." In December 2010, Westerwelle had stressed Germany's commitment to peace in Sudan at the United Nations.

After an encounter with Southern Sudanese troops on Saturday, Northern Sudanese military forces have taken over control in the Abyei region, which is sought after because of it's wealth in natural resources. The former common administration was terminated. Thus, North Sudan has not only violated the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between North and South Sudan of January 2005, but also recent regional peace agreements that are in force since January 2011.

The Abyei region is mainly inhabited by African Dinka people, who have been calling for an assignment of the territory to South Sudan for years. On the other hand, there is also a minority of Arab Misseriya nomads who are demanding an assignment to North Sudan.