Forced labor in Tibet

STP demands UN Special Rapporteur on Chinese human rights violations (Press Release)

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) calls for the appointment of a UN Special Rapporteur to investigate the serious human rights violations committed by the Chinese government against the ethnic and religious minorities in the country. "The Chinese government is trying force the Tibetan population – and also the Uyghurs and the Kazakh Muslims – into line with a mixture of forced labor and massive political indoctrination," stated Hanno Schedler, STP expert for genocide prevention and the Responsibility to Protect. According to government documents that were analyzed by the renowned China researcher Dr. Adrian Zenz, the aim is to make them believe the lies regarding the Dalai Lama and to make them show gratitude for the alleged blessings of communist leadership.

According to his latest report, over half a million people in Tibet have become victims of forced labor – roughly 15 percent of the population. "For the Chinese Communist Party, it was apparently not enough to confiscate Tibetan land, to kidnap the Panchen Lama, to demonize the now 85-year-old Dalai Lama, and to force nomadic people to settle,” Schedler criticized. "Now, the system of the camps and forced labor – which was perfected in Xinjiang – is also applied to Tibet, as a means to indoctrinate and subjugate the Tibetan people."

On the occasion of the current session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, the STP demanded that a UN Special Rapporteur should investigate the massive human rights violations of the Chinese government in Tibet, Xinjiang/East Turkestan, and Inner Mongolia. "The UN cannot ignore the suppression of the protests of Mongolian parents against the gradual abolition of the Mongolian language, the latest reports on even more re-education camps in Xinjiang, and this week's findings regarding forced labor and indoctrination in Tibet. Apparently, the government under Xi Jinping has decided to use all its power to subjugate what is perceived as a hostile community. The United Nations, 75 years after its founding, must not accept this policy – nor the Chinese attempts to undermine international human rights standards," Schedler emphasized.