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Armenia and Azerbaijan

Foreign Minister should support non-aggression pact

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) supports the idea of a non-aggression pact between Armenia and Azerbaijan. “The initiative by Armenian President Nikol Pashinyan for a non-aggression pact and mutual arms control is good and important. The German Foreign Office should support this initiative,” demanded Sarah Reinke, STP expert on Eastern Europe, in Göttingen today. Ever since Azerbaijan gained military control of Artsakh / Nagorno-Karabakh – causing around 100,000 Artsakh Armenians to leave their homes – peace talks brokered by the EU have stalled. “Unfortunately, it is to be feared that Azerbaijan will ignore the Armenian initiative, forcing Armenia deeper into a cycle of military buildup. Thus, it is all the more important that the German Foreign Minister supports the initiative from Yerevan, together with our EU partners,” Reinke added.

Last Sunday, President Pashinyan reported on the submission of a non-aggression pact and plans for mutual arms control. This could be a possible step to revive the stalled peace talks again – as a peace treaty announced for February is apparently not in sight yet. In September 2023, Azerbaijan had launched a large-scale military operation to bring the entire region of Artsakh / Nagorno-Karabakh under its control.