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Scholz in China (November 3 & 4)

Strong criticism: A business delegation would send a wrong signal

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) is of the opinion that if German Chancellor Scholz were to visit China with a business delegation, this would send a wrong signal: “As Olaf Scholz is not travelling with representatives of the European Union, his visit is to be seen as a unilateral effort in the interest of a few large German companies – and it’s not just human rights that are left behind. Germany is once again becoming too dependent on a regime that cannot be seen as a reliable partner,” criticized Jasna Causevic, STP expert on genocide prevention and the Responsibility to Protect, in Göttingen. “Now, the new leadership of the People’s Republic consists exclusively of extremist ideologues. After the harbor deal, the chancellor is giving them another reason to celebrate.”

In a letter, the STP had reminded the chancellor of the serious human right situation in the country – which particularly affects the population groups of the Uyghurs, the Tibetans, and the Mongols. Dissenting opinions are not tolerated any more. “At least, Scholz could take along a diverse civil-society delegation to China. He should proactively address the human rights situation and criticize China’s attempts to undermine the international legal order,” Causevic stated. “If he, like his predecessors, is only interested in profit for a few influential companies, Germany will become prone to be blackmailed. The example of Russia shows us what this could lead to in the case of a conflict.”

Since 2019, the EU sees China not only as a partner and competitor, but also as a systemic rival. Germany’s China policy should accept this reality: “It is not possible to maintain a relationship that focuses mainly on economic aspects. Also, cooperations in the areas of education and science must be compatible with our values. The chancellor should use his talks to address this – and the results must find their way into Germany’s future strategy towards China. The universal validity of human rights must never be called into question,” Causevic warned.