If you are interested in completing an internship with us, you can find more relevant information on our German webpage.

We encourage people from all nationalities and backgrounds to apply. However, please note that German is our working language and that sufficient knowledge of German (at least B2) is a requirement. Please use the German application form to apply. 

It is possible to work from home, however a stable internet connection and that you are currently living in Germany are required. Exceptions are possible in special cases. 


During your internship, you will be able to work in one of our specialist departments:

  • You research the current situation of threatened minorities and indigenous peoples.
  • You support current projects of the STP. 
  • You contribute to publications, statements, blog articles and articles for the STP magazine For Diversity
  • You support us in keeping contact with representatives of threatened minorities.
  • You prepare and participate in actions such as vigils, demonstrations and (online) events.
  • You will publicize our projects via social media. You also support us in editing audio and video contributions,
  • And best of all: You can live out your creativity and take responsibility for smaller projects.




Do you have questions? 

Our employee Linda Döring will help you out! 

Linda Döring

+49 551/499 06-11



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